Sea freight cost explosion

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Dear Sir or Madam,


perhaps you have already learned about the explosion in the cost of ocean freight in various media.

This was caused by last year's Corona pandemic.

Due to the collapse of supply chains to and from Asia, goods could no longer be shipped to Europe and America as usual.

After normalization in Asia, there were shortages of sea containers from the last quarter of 2020 in order to transport goods as usual.

Shipowners are now paying for this shortage with surcharges of more than 500%.

Auctions are now being held at which a supplier can "bid" on a container space. Even containers that are already on a ship may be unloaded on their journey and new prices charged for onward transport, which are either accepted or the freight remains with the associated costs of storage.

As long as we were able to absorb these surcharges of more than 500% in order to postpone an inevitable price increase until the end.

Unfortunately this is no longer possible for us.

For this reason there is unfortunately no alternative to the not inconsiderable price increases for our articles and only include the transfer of these transport costs.

In the foreseeable future, according to various shipping companies, the situation will not normalize either - on the contrary.

We sincerely hope not to have to pass on another price increase.


Your Fibertek team


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freight cost explosion