Walk new roads. Experience innovation and keep up with the times. These are attributes from which we have developed the Topup Cover©.

With its worldwide patent opening system, this cover is unique in state and functionality.

We present a truck bed cover which combines all benefits of a classical canopy with the look and character of a pickup truck.

Hereinafter you find an extraction oft he product characteristics and features:



• Painted in car color

• The lid is loadable up to 45kg - optional with roof rails to carry your bikes or a roof box

• A roll bar, either in stainless steel polished or painted in black-matt

• A 1200 layer fiberglass structure for enough stability - no matter which challenges you want to expect our Topup Cover©

• Of course lockable, the car's tailgate will be locked as well
• A manifacturer warranty of all parts, exept wearing parts

• A unique opening system - the lid opens to 45° and horizontal to the cabin roof - for maximum usage of your truck bed

• An installation manual with pictures and care instructions

• A fuel resumption of more than 10%, proven by our customers

• The Topup Cover can be driven up to 80 km/h completely opened - so you can transport big loads

• You just need a single hand for the complete handling of the cover

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